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How Can I Keep My Hard Drive Clean


Q: How do i to keep my hard drive clean of trash, GIFís and unwanted fonts, for example?


A: You can delete things off your hard drive by hand, if you know exactly what youíre looking for.Of course, donít start trashing files if you donít know exactly what your doing.Itís very easy to delete necessary files by accident.


The most common hard drive flotsam is the temporary files in your Internet cache.Both Netscape and IE have buttons that delete files from your cache.In IE, you can find the button by clicking on View, then Internet Options.In Netscape, click on Edit, then Preferences, then hit the Clear History button.This should be preformed once a month.


Fonts you can remove yourself.Just go to your Start menu and click Settings, then Control Panel.Youíll see a folder called Fonts.You can delete any font from within that folder.


If you want a more sophisticated approach to safely searching for and deleting duplicate and unused files, we recommended an uninstall program called CleanSweep form Quarterdeck.Itís also available for a 15-day trial download .Itís the best uninstaller out there.


Hard Drive Cleanup


Q: Itís fairly easy to create more space on your hard drive.You can buy software to help you uninstall software, but we like Uninstall Manager which is downloadable shareware.This will let you search for old .tmp files you donít need, and help get rid of things you might not want.


Follow these four easy steps before installing new software.


1)     First, go into Control Panel, and select the Add/Remove Programs tab.Look for any programs you donít use and uninstall them.


2)     Next, go to the START menu, navigate to Programs, move to Accessories/Systems Tools, and select the Disk Cleanup option.Download Program files, Recycle Bin, and Temporary files can be checked.You can select Temporary Internet Files as well, but it will slow your Net access on pages you have visited until you go there again.


3)     Now go to START menu, select Find/Files or Folders.This will let you search for large files.Type in *.* for the file name, and select your C: drive in the ďlook inĒ area,(Take into consideration that there may be many files.


4)     When all the files are returned, sort on the Size column twice, and then scroll to the top.All of the very large files will be at the top.Donít go deleting files too blithely, but anything with a .jpg, .bmp., .wav, or .tmp is probably OK to delete.Delete these big files.


NOTE: Use your computer for a while.If everything seems fine, you can empty the Recycle Bin to permanently get rid of those large files.†††