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Windows Tips By:  GURU  ( Dave Smith )


 Tweak Appearance


Hate the way your PC looks? Alter the appearance of Windows with a few x-setup tweaks.


There are two ways to do it –Wizard or standard.  The Wizard takes you through every step to change your Windows appearance.  This is a good option if you are unsure what you want to change.  The standard method is preferred if you only want to change one item.  It saves you from clicking through extra steps.



1)     Click on the Wizard tab.

2)     Click appearance.

3)     Select the area you want to alter.

4)     Follow the instructions.




In the left window, click appearance.  Select the appropriate category: Control Panel, Desktop, Explorer, General, Misc, OEM Information, Start Menu.  Then select a subcategory to alter.


For example: To change the names of the icons on your desktop.

1)     Select Appearance, then Desktop.

2)     Click on Icons.

3)     Click Icons Names.

4)     In the right window, type in the new icon names for the Recycle Bin, Printers, Control Panel, Inbox/Outlook.

5)     Click Apply Changes.


Take a trip through x-setup and your Windows will never look the same.


Windows Tip: Change Desktop Icons


If you’re tired of starting at the standard Windows-issue icons on your desktop, don’t despair.  You can easily swap the icons around.  My Briefcase doesn’t have to look like a briefcase, change it to look like something else.

            Simply follow these steps:

1)     Right click on the desktop.

2)     Go to Active Desktop option.

3)     Choose Customize My Desktop.

4)     Click the Effects tab.

5)     Click any icon then click the change button.

6)     Browse for alternative icon.


You can even make your own icons with free software . Go to , search for any program you might wan’t.