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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† N.A.M.A WEB TIPS BYGURU( DAVE SMITH)






If you are business committed long-term and to the World Wide Web,

You WILL need a domain name, and sooner rather than later. So,

Just what the heck IS a domain anyway, and what do you do with it?




A domain is the main part of an address, and usually has some word

Relationship to your company name. - is

the domain. - is the domain. You get the idea.


Currently, your own web siteís address has a domain and

Your user name: As an example, a custom domain for

You might be†††† (


To give you an idea of how important domain names are, the domain

Name recently sold for $7.5 million.




1) Your own domain name is easier for your customers to remember, and

†† Recalls your business name or initials (thatís why you choose the

†† Domain name you do).

2) Having a domain dramatically bumps you up in the search engine listings.

3) You can own that domain forever, or until you sell it.


The value of these benefits is immediately apparent:


1) A domain enhances your companyís image: you own a piece of the Internet now.

2) Customers remember your name more easily, increasing traffic flow to your web site.

3) Maybe someday YOUíLL sell your domain for $7.5 million. (NO guarantees on that)††††††††††††††


So if you want one, where do you get one? Take just two steps:


First, you must find a good, suitable domain name, which can be as difficult

as naming a new rock band (all the good names are now taken). There are already millions of web sites, and 3 million web pages added to the Internet EVERY DAY.

But donít despair. With some imagination you can secure a domain that is music

to your ears, so long as you follow these two guidelines:



1) Make your domain name as short as possible.

2) Make sure it describes your company.


Letís find a domain for Mikeís Auto Repair. More than likely, or are already taken (you can check to make sure). So try variations: - A bit long but not bad if available. - Even better! - The state abbreviation keeps it short, memorable and unique. - Always check Ďnetí too because you are not limited to Ďcomí.


Second, register your domain.


1) Go to www.NETWORKSOLUTIONS.COM or Contac your provider.


Note: Even after registering your custom domain, your web site will remain accessible using your current web address. You must contact your provider edit your web site and mail address.


How Much Does This Cost?


A $70 registration fee, which is good for two years. Itís like registering your car, only your web site is far more valuable. Keep in mind that you own your domain name, and if you change to other providers you can take the domain name with you.

This means you will always have the same E-mail addressno-mater who your provider will be.