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Will A Camcorder Produce A Better Picture Than A Netcam?


Q: Will my netcam picture look better if I use a camcorder?


A: A camcorder will definitely give you a better picture than a netcam.Netcams are inexpensive for a reason.They have a fixed focal length, no special features, and they serve one purpose: to get your image across the Internet.Camcorders cost hundreds of dollars, have lots of features, and provide a better quality picture.Whether you can use your camcorder with your equipment depends of how you are using your netcam.


If you have a USB netcam, you are out of luck because camcorders donít use the USB port to act like a netcam.If you are using a video capture card with standard inputs like our Bigpicture, then it will be no problem.The Bigpicture has composite video outputs so all you need is a video RCA-to-RCA cord.Simply plug it into the camcorder†† into the back of the Bigpicture and you should get your picture immediately. Not only should you get a much better picture, but you can see all the features for your camcorder.


Find out whether you are using a video capture card and whether you can plug the same video outputs into your camcorder and Bigpicture.If so, it is an easy connection and the quality will be greatly improved.


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