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PC Lockdown Block out others


Q: Is there a way to block someone from making changes to a computer?


A: Letting friends or family members—the ones who might not own a PC for          themselves get—onto your computer is a burden all PC owners must experience at some time.  It’s a burden because if they know what they are doing, they can change numerous settings on our machine without you ever knowing.  Even worse are the devastating possibilities an inexperienced user can cause deleting programs or moving and renaming files and folders.


You now can put an end to unwanted tweaks to your computer, should someone decide to test drive it, with a program called Secure Comp from TAF Technology.  This great piece of freeware allows you to password-protect almost anything on your machine through its easy-to-use graphical interface.  You can filter websites with Secure Comp.  It also gives you the ability to lock any Windows application, hide any of your drives, and disable the Ctrl-Alt-Delete and Ctrl-Esc commands.