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Five Things to Save Before You Reinstall WINDOWS



Fed up with your system and ready to reinstall Windows? Make sure you get the stuff you need off  your system before you hit f-disk.



1.Files, files, files

  Whether it's Word files or MP3s, losing a file you're  working on or love to listen to sucks. Same thing for

   software you've downloaded, unless you want to download it all over again. Make sure all the stuff you love is stored

   in a different place than your hard disk.


2.Favorites/bookmarks, and cookies


I forgot to back these up once, but I won't forget again. I managed to lose two years worth of  web pages. I still

haven't refound some of those files. Cookies? Yup. If you use 'em, don't lose 'em, or you get to register and re-enter all those passwords and links.


3.System details


   You need to save network and email settings, and even display info. Open up your Network icon in the control panel and copy your TCP/IP settings and any other info in there. Do the same for your email account and any other software on you system that requires customized or specific settings.


4.Passwords and software keys


 You paid the $40 to upgrade to the full version of Music Match. Lose the key they sent you, and you  might have to pay for that software all over again. Same thing with passwords. You might be able to replace 'em, but why lose 'em in the first place?




You can download them all over again if you have a speedy broadband connection, but why? If you  have saved copies of any drivers you've downloaded, back those up to. It'll save you lots of setup time.