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How to Get in and Out of Safe Mode BY: GURU (DAVE SMITH )


Safe mode let's you run your computer with just the mouse, keyboard, and monitor. This minimal operation makes it easier to troubleshoot problems. Here are the steps to getting into and out of safe mode.


Safe mode lets Windows 95 and Windows 98 operate with only the mouse, keyboard, and simple monitor settings. You cut the operating system down to the bare bones so you can figure out the problem.


In many crashes, Windows asks you if you want to reboot into safe mode. Read our article on what safe mode is.


Why use safe mode

If the computer works fine in safe mode (remember the CD-ROM doesn't work in safe mode -- that's not a problem) that narrows down the problem to one of conflicting software.


Start Windows in safe mode

For Windows 95:

1.Restart your computer (Start ?gt; Shut Down ?gt; Restart);

2.When you see the message "Starting Windows 95" Hold down the F8 key;

3.A menu of startup options will appear. Choose Safe Mode.


For Windows 98 & ME

1.Hold down the Ctrl key while restarting (Start ?gt; Shut Down ?gt; Restart);

2.Release the Ctrl key when you see the Desktop dialog box that indicates Windows 98 is running in safe mode.

You can also press F5 to get into safe mode if you're just turning on the computer. If you can't get into safe mode

The steps above will work for almost all systems. However, if some settings are changed they may not work. There are other ways to get into safe mode that require a little more familiarity with Windows. If you need to use these tips grab a geeky friend and try the alternative steps.


OK... How do I get out of safe mode?

A lot of people get concerned about how to get out of safe mode. In most every case you can just restart. If Windows asks you what mode you'd like to boot into, choose Normal.


What to Do if You Can't Boot Into Safe Mode

If you can't get Windows to boot into safe mode, you may have one of the following problems. F8 doesn't work in Windows 95 -- This is caused by a manufacturer's setting in the Msdos.sys file. You'll have to contact Microsoft

or your manufacturer for instructions on changing it.

Ctrl key doesn't work in Windows 95 The Ctrl key may be reprogrammed to do other things, in which case you have two options.

GEEK ALERT -- These tips take some familiarity with Windows. Reboot into DOS. Type "win /d:m" without

the quotation marks and then press Enter. Find System Information under System Tools in your accessories folder. Choose Tools > System Configuration Utility. On the General tab, select Diagnostic Startup

- Interactively Load Device Drivers and software. Restart Windows


How to get out of safe mode from the system configuration utility

If you use the system configuration utility to get into safe mMode you'll need to use it to get back out too.

1.Choose Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information.

2.Choose Tools > System Configuration Utility.

3.On the General tab, Select Normal Startup --Load Device Drivers and Software.

4.Click OK then restart Windows by clicking Yes in the System Settings Change dialog box.


Nope. Still doesn't work If you've tried every trick in the book and still can't boot into safe mode check the following things. Scan for vViruses --Check your video driver -- You must have a simple VGA video driver installed for Windows to work in safe mode. Eliminate hardware conflicts SUCH AS driver conflicts.