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Create a Photo Album with PowerPoint


 Use this PowerPoint wizard to create a photo album.



Microsoft has made it very easy to create a photo album using PowerPoint, thanks to its release of  the Photo Album Wizard add-in program. The Wizard isn't a standard PowerPoint 2000 feature, but you can download it to your Desktop and double click on it to get started.


1.After you've double clicked the executable file Album.exe, open PowerPoint 2000 and select File, New.


2.Click PhotoAlbum on the General tab and click OK.


3.Using the Picture Layout dropdown list, select how you'd like your pictures to be displayed: in groups, with titles, and so forth.


4.Using the Frame Style dropdown list, select a frame style such as oval or beveled.


5.Click File/Disk.


6.Open the folder in which your picture files are stored.


7.Choose the first picture you want in your photo album and choose Insert. You can also import photos directly from a digital camera or scanner. To do so, rather than clicking File/Disk you'd click on Scanner/Camera, choose the appropriate device, and import the picture.


8.Continue to add pictures until you're finished.


9.Click on Create to finish the job.


10.Add sounds to your photo album's slides. Select Insert, Movies, then Sounds. Choose among any sounds you have on your hard disk, those in the Clip Art library, or those in an online repository  maintained by Microsoft. You can't go back into the PhotoAlbum Wizard after clicking on the Create button, but you can modify your slide show as you would a normal PowerPoint presentation.


PowerPoint is arguably the industry standard for creating presentations and slide

shows. Bundled with Microsoft Office, many of you may already have this program either installed on your computer, or on disk. Not only is PowerPoint a valuable business tool, it can also be used for personal use in creating family photo slide shows.