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Submit WEB PAGES TO Search Engines


Most people know about search engines. They're certainly not the best way to get people to your site, but you shouldn't overlook them. They're an easy way to develop a little traffic. If you use the right META tags in your page, search engines work even better for you.


Use a service


You can find lots of services that will submit your URL to the search engines for you. Many of them cost around $75 a year. Don't do it. Find a free service like Add Me. Search engine exposure is so low, it's not worth any more than free. It takes about a half an hour to work your way through Add Me's 30 search engines, but it's faster than going to each one individually. However, some of them don't really work (like Yahoo!) and others aren't listed.


Manually submit


For Yahoo! and any other search engines you know that Add Me didn't include, you'll have to submit your URLs manually.


If it's not Yahoo!


Most search engines and portals have a small link down at the bottom of the page called "Add URL" or "Submit URL." Some hide it on an information page. All it requires is for you to fill in a form and press a submit button.


On the other hand if it's Yahoo!


Yahoo! on the other hand requires a bit more work. It's a directory, which means people add the URLs to a database instead of letting a computer program "spider" sites and add them automatically.Theoretically it keeps some amount of chaff off the list.


Yahoo! has specific instructions on how to suggest a link for their directory. Follow them closely. Most people who have trouble getting on Yahoo! aren't following the basic instructions. Still, you'll need to have patience. It took me six months to get my site on Yahoo! and that was in 1997.


The Best and cheapest ways are still !


Word of Virtual Mouth

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