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Windows ME vs Windows 2000


What is the big difference between Windows Me and Windows 2000.

The real question should be what is the difference between Windows 98SE

and Windows 2000. “Windows ME doesn't make any significant changes that are worth

 paying for. At least not to upgrade from 98SE...


Win2000 an extension of Windows NT, completely 32-bit coded from the ground up,

and (relatively) legacy free, at least compared to Win9-whatever. The OS will almost never crash, though your applications might, they generally won't take down the OS with them the way they often do in Win9x.


Along with being more stable, Win2K is also more secure. We've also seen it offer a modest performance advantage over Win98. The only thing you need to worry about with Win2000 is proper

driver support for the hardware you already own; it uses different drivers than 9x.


Frankly, if you're willing to spend the money, we recommend Windows 2000 hands down over Windows Me. If you're not a (mad) power user, we'd wait. Why?


** Microsoft will soon release Whistler, a home user OS, like 98 and Me, but with a Win2000

based core. That should be considerably less expensive, but nearly as secure and stable. Stay tuned!