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Access Desktop From Taskbar


    Adding the desktop toolbar to your Windows taskbar does two cool things:


1.Gives you quick access to all desktop icons right from the taskbar. You don't have to minimize all of your open windows just to access your desktop.


2.Adds start menu-style navigation to My Computer, Recycle Bin, Network Places, and any folders that may be located on your desktop.


  How to add the desktop toolbar


    1.Right-click on an empty space on the taskbar.

    2.Mouse over Toolbars and select Desktop.

    3.The desktop toolbar will appear on your taskbar.

    4.Slide the desktop toolbar as far to the right as possible so only the word

      "Desktop" is visible. It takes up very little space on your taskbar!


Next to the word "Desktop" is a sideways chevron that you can click to expand the desktop toolbar list. Click on the desktop toolbar's chevron to display the list of desktop icons/files.


  My favorite part of this tip


Click on the chevron and mouse up to My Computer. Notice how quick and easy it is to navigate the files on your hard drive from here!