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What is the  difference between RDRAM and SDRAM. Well, in a nutshell RDRAM, or Rambus DRAM, is a high speed memory (well, that's what it was supposed to be)

that costs nearly twice as much as SDRAM. In the PC world, it's exclusively used on Pentium IV motherboards. SDRAM, or Synchronous DRAM is used with just about every other chip sold these days.


Rambus uses a different slot (RIMM, which does not stand for Rambus inline memory module!) and electrical format, and runs at 800 MHz over a 16 bit interface. SDRAM uses a 64 bit interface running at up to 133 MHz. (At least if you're not overclocking!) In theory, Rambus can move data much faster than SDRAM, but benchmarks have yet to prove that it offers much of an advantage business apps or games. Factor in its price --a 256 MB stick of SDRAM costs less than half the price of a 128 MB stick of Rambus RIMM-- and the future looks bleak for Rambus on the PC.


In any case, Vamsi, you must purchase the RAM that your motherboard was designed to use!


Here are a couple of great FAQs. Look up DDR while you're there! It promises similar performance to RAMBUS, but at a signficantly lower cost. At least we hope... it's not shipping in volume yet. - rambusdiff