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Speed Up Your Startup

                                                                                             BY GURU:   DAVE SMITH



Speed up your startup time by turning off those little system-level tasks you don't need. Every application that launches at startup munches a few clock cycles, pulling power away from your CPU that could focus on more interesting stuff, such as Internet and  games.


  To run MSCONFIG, follow these steps.


    1.Go to the Start menu.

    2.Choose Run.

    3.Type in msconfig.

    4.Press OK.


Now that you are in MSCONFIG, go to the Startup Tab. Only uncheck any programs that you are familiar with. Otherwise, you may inadvertantly turn something off that you need to compute normally. When you are finished selecting programs, click OK. Next time you start your computer, it should launch faster.


If you turn off a program that you need, simply restore it. Open MSCONFIG and click on the General tab. Selct the box stating Normal Startup - restore all drivers and software.


MSCONFIG is not available with Windows 95.