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Download Multiple Email Accounts


Q: Is there a way to download email from two different ISPís using Outlook Express?


A: You can set up several different accounts in Outlook Express and filter your email so that each††††††††††††††††††††† account arrives in itís own folder.


1)     Go to Tools, Accounts.

2)     Click on the Add button and select Mail.

3)     Follow the steps in the Internet Connection Wizard windows to set up your new account.

4)     Remember that you outgoing server will stay the same, but you will change your email server information.

5)     You can set one account as a default of you wish by selecting the account from the list and clicking the Set As Default button.

6)     When you want to download your email, choose Tools, Send and Receive.

7)     You will see an option to choose All Accounts or you can choose individual accounts.


Create Email Filters


If you download all accounts at once, they will all arrive in your Inbox.If you wish to separate your messages, you can set up filters so the messages arrive in different folders, to do this, follow these steps:


1)     Go to File, Folder, New Folder.

2)     Name the folder for one of your accounts.

3)     Go to Tools, Inbox Assistant.

4)     Click Add.

5)     You will see a variety of ways to filter your mail.For multiple accounts, the easiest way to filter your mail using the To: field.

6)     Enter your email address in the To: field.

7)     Below you will see different actions that Outlook Express can take.Check the box next to the Move field.Then choose Folder and select the folder you just created.

8)     Choose OK.You will see the action you just created in the description field with a checkmark.You can check and uncheck this box when you want to turn this action off or on.

9)     Try downloading All Accounts Provided that you had messages in each account, you should see the new account filter into the new folder.The other emails should appear in your inbox.


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