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Print Queue Possibilities


                                                                                           By GURU: DAVE SMITH


Ever wanted to stop a print job after catching an error in a huge text document? Ever wanted to change the print queue order to move a document from the bottom of the list to the top? By using the print queue of your printer, you can do both these tasks.


The next time you send a job to the printer, pay attention to the Printer icon in the system tray. If you double-click this icon, you'll open the Print Queue dialog box.


To purge any document from the queue, follow these steps:


1.Highlight the document.

2.Hit delete, or go to Printer and choose Purge Print Documents.


To change the print order, follow these steps:


1.Position your pointer over the document you'd like to move and click-and-hold the left mouse button.

2.While holding down the left mouse button, move the document up or down the list.


The Print queue is also accessible by choosing Start, Settings, Printer, and

  then double-clicking the printer whose queue you want to manage.