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Speed Up Dialup

                                                                               BY GURU:  DAVE SMITH



Just because you still use a dial-up to connect to the Internet doesn't mean that it has to take forever to get online.


Use this tip to speed up connection time to your ISP.


For Windows 98


1.Go to Dial up Networking in My computer.

2.Right-click on My Connection (or whatever you named the shortcut).

3.Go to Properties.

4.Click on the Server Types tab.

5.Be sure the Logon to Network box is unchecked.

6.Under Allowed Network Protocols, be sure only the TCP/IP box is checked.


For Windows Me


1.Right-click your dialup connection.

2.Click properties.

3.Click Networking Tab.

4.Make sure only TCP/IP is checked for Allowed Network Protocols.

5.Click the Security Tab and uncheck Logon to Network.


Immediately after your password is accepted you should be online.