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Five Amazing Outlook 2000 Tricks


                                                                                                               By GURU:  DAVE SMITH                                        


Microsoft Office 2000 is like an ancient Egyptian pyramid -- it's easy to get lost in, but it's filled with hidden treasures. Outlook Express is but one of the suites in Office 2000. Read on for five Outlook tips.


You got all worked up and sent your boss a scathing email pointing out the fact that he's an idiot and announcing your resignation. Then you remember you have eight kids and sort of need your job.


Can you retrieve that email? You can, if you use this potentially career-saving Outlook trick.


1.Open up your Sent Items folder.


2.Double-click the message you wish you'd never sent.


3.Choose Actions, Recall This Message.


If you want to destroy the message, click on "delete unread copies of this message." If you want to change the message to something more palatable, choose "Delete unread copies and replace with a new message."


4.Click OK.


5.Of course, you need to know if you successfully pulled your punch, so be sure to click in the "tell me if    recall succeeds or fails for each recipient" check box.


6.Click OK.


Please note: This will work only if your email server is Microsoft Exchange Server and your boss uses Outlook. Otherwise, you're hosed. Save time when you email. Follow these tips.


Let's say you're applying for a new job and you email your resume to the company's human resources department. Using a shifty little Outlook trick you can find out when your email has been read, if at all.


1.After you've composed your message -- but before you've clicked the

   Send button -- choose View, Options.


2.Select the "Request a read receipt for this message" check box and

   click Close.


You'll be notified when your message has been read. If you want read receipts for all of your sent messages, perform the following steps:


1.Choose Tools, Options.


2.On the Preferences tab, choose Email Options and then Tracking Options.


3.Click in the "Request a read receipt for all messages I send" checkbox and click OK.


It's cool if you're checking up on your recipients by requesting read receipts, but what if people are pulling the same trick on you? Here's how to find out if someone has asked for a read receipt on you:


1.In the Outlook Inbox, choose View, Toolbars, Advanced.


2.On the Advanced toolbar click on the Field Chooser icon.


3.Click on the Field Chooser drop-down arrow and select All Mail Fields.


4.Scroll down a little and select Receipt Requested.


5.Drag Receipt Requested to your inbox's column heading wherever you'd like it to reside.


6.Close the Field Chooser box.


From now on, every time you receive an email you'll know whether or not the sender has placed a Receipt Request on it. Save time when you email.


Need to find your way to one of your contacts' homes or businesses? Outlook and make it easy thanks to this rarely used trick.


1.If you're not connected to the Internet, get online.


2.Click Contacts on the Outlook Shortcuts bar.


3.Double-click the contact you need a street map for.


4.Select whether you want the home or business address of your contact by clicking the arrow underneath the Address button.


5.Select Actions, Display Map of Address.


If you want to access Outlook files from your browser, type the following in IE's Address box. Get ready to be amazed.


      To open your inbox: Outlook:inbox


      To open your Contact List: Outlook:contacts


      To open your Calendar: Outlook:calendar


      To open a specific message: Outlook:inbox/~subjectofmessage