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Quick-launch Programs


                                                                                            By GURU:   DAVE SMITH



There are two ways to quicken the launch process. You can program the function keys

(the F keys at the top of your keyboard). You can also program a combination of

CTRL + ALT + "Shortcut Key" to launch applications for you.


  To do this, follow these directions.


1.Find the icon of the program you'd like to create a shortcut key for and right-click on the icon.


2.Choose Properties from the menu and make sure you're in the Shortcut tab.


3.Place your cursor in the Shortcut key field, pick a Function Key or a letter you would like to assign a shortcut with, and press it.


4.Hit apply in the bottom-right corner.


5.To open the program, press CTRL + ALT + "Shortcut Key" or the Function Key you assigned to it.