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Windows Tips:   By:   GURU  ( Dave Smith )


Find Your Files


You’ve dumped all your personal files into My Documents folder.  Now there are over 200 files.  How do you go about finding anything?


            First, have good organizational skills.

             That means:


If you do those three things, you may be able to find all your files simply by browsing through your folders in Windows Explorer.



The Find Utility


If it’s to late for good organization, or you simply have to many files, you have another option, the Windows Find Utility.  If you have some clue as to where your file is, any of the letters that are in the file name, or any of the content that’s in the document, you could possibly find it by using the Find Utility.


Click on your start button, select Find, then Files or Folders. The Find dialog box will appear.


-        br* will find all files and folders that start with the letter “br”

-        *aft will find all files and folders that end with “aft”


Select the drive or directory you want to look in, check “include subfolders” and then click on Find Now.

* If you don’t know that name of the file, but you know you last saved it two months ago, click on the Advanced Tab.  Select the file type form the drop-down list.  For example, if you were looking for a Word Document, you’d select Microsoft Word Document.  Then click on the data tab.  You can search within specific dates or you can search just within a few months.  Enter ‘2’ in the during previous Month(s)” field.  Click on the Name and Location tab, select the location, and then click on Find Now.


Have a nice day and sleep all night no worry about lost files!